Recognition of the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique as an independent teaching concept

The Alexander Technique is well-recognized by the office of the Upper Austrian State Government and the Department of Health as an independent teaching concept. The practice of the Alexander Technique does not conflict with the laws regulating access to jobs in the health sector. It was confirmed that the Alexander Technique differs significantly from therapeutically-oriented approaches, as alleged in the laws regulating access to health professions.

This recognition as an independent approach has the consequence, that no relevant health profession, such as Physiotherapy must be exercised, in order to teach as an Alexander instructor.

Details of the Report from October 2004

“The Alexander Technique is a teaching concept that focuses on the economic and efficient design of movement patterns. It serves as the method of sensitization and perception for personal movement models, cognition of non-physiological models, and correction in terms of self-control.

In a kinesthetic self-awareness process, movement patterns will be consciously reflected and a mental relearning process will be introduced. The goal is better management of the body, both in daily movements as well as in the professional life.
This quality of the patterns of movement goes hand in hand with an improvement of uses of the body.

The Alexander Technique is not understood to be a therapy, is not a special form of treatment for specific diseases, and is also not a massage or other type of manipulation requiring the use of hands. It thus differs significantly from therapeutically oriented approaches according to laws regulating access to health professions.”