Alexander Technique Internationally and Nationally

There are currently over 3000 recognized Alexander Technique teachers worldwide, all of whom completed a certified training within the scope of 1600 hours during a three-year full-time, or multi-year in-service training. Most of these teachers are a member of one or both of the major international organisations listed below:

  • Alexander Technique International (ATI) with 12 national offices -,
  • Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and the  "Affiliated Societies" (International Affiliate Societies of the Alexander Technique ATAS), a union of 17 national communities -

Both organizations are committed to the international distribution of the Alexander Technique and continuously ensuring the quality of standards of the profession. ATI, as a worldwide organization of teachers, students, and friends of the Alexander Technique, places a strong focus on the development of methodology and didactics, and encourages open discourse.

In Austria, currently around 50 certified Alexander Technique teachers work for both associations such as AT.AT Alexander Technique Austria and the GATOE Society F.M Alexander Technique Austria. All Alexander Technique teachers with membership to the AT.AT Association are internationally certified by ATI.