Alexander Technique in Art And Culture

Success through presence

The Alexander Technique enhances flexibility in managing performance pressure, stage fright and emotional stress. The connection between body, thinking and emotion rapidly gives rise to presence and intensity.

Actors, singers, musicians and dancers are constantly connecting with body, voice and emotions in comparison to others. Accurate knowledge of the appropriate amount of tension is bound to be of great advantage to them.

The initial motivation for developing the Alexander Technique was F.M. Alexander´s problem with his voice as an actor. This way of body-oriented awareness allows access to breathing and voice resources holistically.  His program fosters the optimal performance of the human voice when talking, reciting or singing. Voice and body are preserved from unnecessary damage and maintain their health. More room for artistic expression and communication emerges through the elimination of bad habits.

By now the Alexander Technique is part of the curriculum of famous schools of music, dance or performance throughout the world.