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AT.AT History of origins - How it all began



A workshop entitled: "A Creative Look at the Alexander Technique" organised by Martina Süss and led by Melissa Matson lays the foundation for our (Austrian) Alexander Community which has been growing steadily ever since.


Growing interest in a creative approach to the AT leads to the formation of the "Institut Alexanderbewegung", offering particular training and development opportunities: The first 2 year course in the Alexander Technique starts in 1997.


During the first two trainings, a committed group of students identifies the need for a strong professional organisation capable of networking nationally and internationally to provide the framework for ongoing training and professional development.


This leads to the formation of "AT.AT Alexander Technik Österreich" with the following aims and objectives:

  1. Effective PR - with the aim of becoming a recognised source of information for the public and the Austrian National Health System.
  2. To serve the needs of Austrian AT teachers in respect of communication, information exchange and networking.
  3. To develop professional guidelines and standards of quality for AT teachers in Austria.
  4. To realise the vision of a strong Austrian organisation with clearly defined relations to ATI (Alexander Technique International).

Our initial vision was to have a creative and vital organisation. We do not see ourselves as an organisation that just offers services to its members, rather as a group of contributors that applies the principles of AT as it works together.
We aim to achieve

Thus we hope to facilitate continuing professional development.

Since 2001

Contact: - Alexander Technique Austria, c/o Peter Fuchs, Schratzstraße 5, A - 4040 Linz