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Famous AT students


If you decide to study the AT, you will find yourself in good company. Prominent personalities from various fields of science, art, sports and medicine have improved and developed their skills and gained physical and emotional balance thanks to the AT.

Here are only a few examples of famous AT students:


Aldous Huxley, G.B. Shaw, Roald Dahl


Keanu Reeves, Kevin Kline, Robin Williams, John Cleese


Trisha Brown, Yvonne Rainer, Stephen Petronio

Sports personalitites:

the Australian rider and Olympic medal winner Mary Hannah, the British hammer thrower Howard Paine, the golfer John Duncan Dunn, sports coach Percy Cerutty, Andrew Shields - runner and British sports journalist (, Paul Massey - physiotherapist of the British Olympic swimming team.


The Ethologist und Nobel prize winner Nikolaas Tinbergen, the philosopher John Dewey, the American philologist Frank Pierce Jones, the physicist Chris Stevens (Institute of Anatomy at the University of Copenhagen)

Medical Scientists

The Neurophysiologist Dr. Jack Stern/MD Neurosurgical Group of Westchester; Dr. David Garlick of the School of Physiology and Pharmacology/University of New South Wales, Australia; Dr. Roger Soames, Kings College, University of London, England

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